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BIO SUMMARY FOR:     Eli Tatarin

· Arrived in Morelia July 1999 from Vancouver, Canada,
to semi retire. It hasn?t happened, but still having fun

· Comes here with a Degree in Science, majoring in
Environmental Science.

· Is presently the producer and host of ETs BEST Radio
program, an English Program  for students learning
English. Also for those that know English and want to
hear the language as an upgrade. Program has new
topics which are of Real Life interest today in Morelia,
Mexico. People from other countries can read and listen
on the internet live to have a better understanding of
Mexico. ET, brings you closer than ever.


· In Edmonton, was a Nutritional Co-ordinator and
instructor for an elementary school.

· Spent 10 years with Edmonton Transit System; As an
operations dispatch supervisor and a driver trainer

· Did 5 years with the British Columbia Police Force? as
a specialist in drug addiction in young people.  Plus did 2
years as an undercover investigator.

· Worked as a Tour Director/Driver and a tour bus
trainer for 5 years? Has driven over 100s of thousand
miles all over Western USA and Canada.

· Studied neurolinguistic and psychology. Has done
certified courses in supervision, effective
communications, leadership, foremanship and written

· His last 5 years before coming to Morelia was
dedicated to research in Natural medicine, for a cure of
Arthritis and other related ailments.

See the
Press Release for detailed information, of past
to present.
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